When you choose an owner-operated grooming shop, you can be sure your pet will be cared for by an experienced groomer with never less that 10 years of full time grooming and pet care experience. The owner is on-site to oversee the quality of the grooming, as well as to insure your pet’s time here is safe, pleasant and calm. The owner has over 25 years professional experience, so you can be assured that your pet will receive safe, competent care!

Professional Grooming

Our Standard Grooming Package includes the following:
A Simple Clip or Trim.
Simple Brushing, (does not include de-matting the coat!)

Clipping the Toenails
Cleaning out the Ears
A Full “Wet Bath” with shampooing, conditioning, finishing rinse and a flea treatment if needed.
Tooth brushing in the bathtub
Grooming Prices
Pet Grooming is priced as a package, the rate is based on the size of the pet, the amount of work involved in the trim, and the condition and behavior of your pet.

For an idea of what to expect for a price, here are some examples of basic costs by breed. Please note, these are approximations! For a more accurate quote, please call the groomers and describe your pet! These prices are for a well behaved pet, in decent, shape getting a standard grooming package.

Regular Grooming Package

  • $39 – $45
    Yorkshire terrier, simple clip and groom package
  • $40 – $45
    Mini-Poodle simple trim, no fancy clip, under 15 lbs
  • $40 – $50
    Cocker Spaniel, under 30lbs, full clip down
  • $45 – $55
    Springer Spaniel with breed trim
  • $65 – $75
    Standard Poodle summer clip down, good shape
  • $70 – $80
    Standard Poodle summer clip, matted
  • $65 – $75
    Golden Retreiver in breed trim, under 80lbs
  • $70 and up
    Golden Retreiver over 80lbs or full clip for summer
  • $65 – $75
    Goldendoodle clip down, under 70 lbs
  • $65 and up
    Long haired cats
  • $30 – $40
    Beagle or pug for bath,nails etc.

Additional Grooming services

We also offer some other grooming services which are not included with our Regular Grooming Package, but can be purchased at an additional cost, these include:

  • Nail grinding and filing
  • hand scissoring
  • Working with dangerous or difficult animals
  • hand stripping
  • professional teeth scaling
  • De-Matting De-shedding