Our pet boarding services are unlike any other in the Capital region. We only accept well socialized and housebroken family pets and then we try to duplicate their home experience.

We only accept house pets who are socialized and potty trained. If your pet does not meet these criteria, please inform us when you make your appointment so we can tailor a solution for your pet. Also, please keep in mind that we check for evidence of fleas when you drop off you pet. If fleas are suspected, we require you to buy a flea bath before we can board your pet.

How it works

When you drop off a dog for boarding, there is no need for cages or kennels. As long as he/she is thoroughly housebroken and not destructive, we allow every pet to have the run of a regular, human sized bedroom. . In order to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible, we ask that You provide your own bed or blanket for your pet, as well as his or her regular food. We provide the rooms and yards, as well as supervision and attention for your pet. Each room comes with at least one window to look out, and a radio or TV for extra company. Our guests are let out to play/romp at least 4 times per day, and are always supervised when outside. We have 3 giant grassy play yards with 6 foot tall chain link fence for safety. ..the smallest yard is 20ftx20ft and the largest about 40ftx60ft for supervised playtime. We also have 2 smaller areas which are at least 8ftx8ft. If your pet doesn’t enjoy interacting with other dogs he/she can go out in the small yards for their bathroom breaks, then let out into the larger yard when the other dogs have gone back inside. As long as your dog is housebroken and non-destructive, there is never a need to use cages!

During the work day, the groomer can keep an eye on your pet and in the evenings, our kennel manager sleeps on the property so your pet is never without company and supervision! Although someone stays on the property whenever we have boarding guests, all pets must be dropped off and picked up during out regular public hours

Please note: We are not open to the public on Sundays and Mondays, which means we do not offer drop off or pick up times during those two days! Please schedule accordingly!

Home Style Boarding

  • On-Site care 7 days a week
  • No cold concrete runs.
  • No unnecessary caging!
  • Pets have the run of a room, just like at home, as long as they are not destructive and stay housebroken.
  • Pets can romp/play in our fenced areas with supervision.
  • Pets can be hand walked up to 3 times a day, if needed, for an additional fee of 3$ per 10 minute walk.
  • Great for spoiled or aging pets.
  • medications given as directed.
  • warm accommodations for sleeping.
  • Multiple pets (from the same household) can be housed together, which helps to avoid separation anxiety.
  • Boarding Rates

We charge a flat rate of 10$ for the day you drop off your pet and 10$ for the day you pick up you pet. The days in between are charged the full rate, which is determined according to your pet’s size.

Toy/Small dogs (under 20 lbs) basic rate is 15$ a day for each full day plus 10$ for each partial day.
Medium dogs (20-40lbs)basic rate is 18$ for each full day plus 10$ for each partial day.
Large dogs (41-65lbs) basic rate is 20$ for each full day plus 10$ for each partial day.
Giant Dogs (over 65 lbs) basic rate is 23$ for each full day plus 10$ for each partial day.
Cats are always 10$ per day flat rate
When you drop off your pet, you pay just 10$ for that partial day, the next day you are charged the Full rate for each day until the day you pick up your pet. The pick up day is also charged only as a partial day at 10$, instead of the full rate. We also discount for multiple pets and stays over a week in length, so be sure to ask about these discounts when you make your boarding appointment.

Please keep in mind, every pet is different, with different boarding needs, these prices are based on a well behaved dog or cat, who is dropped off and picked up in our public hours and who is without extra care issues such as medications, aggression or housebreaking issues. (We are not currently set up to care for wild, unsociable or unruly pets) Please expect to pay more per day if your pet is not truly housebroken!